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            Waves of a New Age

Soul-filled Sounds and Conscious Conversation                                             

About Us

Judy Peace

co-created Waves of a New Age in

November of 1988. Through the years she has either been behind the mic or behind the scene working to make Waves a place for the community to share their talents and insights.

Tara L. Robinson

joined Waves of a New Age in May of 2010. She is the editor and publisher of

Whole Living Journal, a healthy living magazine that supports the search for something more.

Judy is also known for her services that help others "know thyself." She offers tools for transformation and self understanding by utilizing the ancient arts of Palmistry, Astrology and Tarot. Her services are available through entertainment or private sessions.

From 2004-2008 she worked to bring Conscious Choice Cinema to the greater Cincinnati, OH area, creating an evening of music, art and film for the community.

Judy is the proud mother of a daughter and a joyful Nana to a grandson.

She has interviewed some of the leading authors and thinkers in our world today such as Gregg Braden, Peter Buffett, Colette Baron-Reid, Gretchen Rubin, Scott Blum, Dr. Terry Gordon and more.

Tara is an inspirational speaker and life coach who is passionate about helping others live their best lives. She works with clients individually and offers self-discovery classes and workshops to groups.

She is the producer of the Southwest Ohio Wellness Expo and the Live Your Best Life Conference.

Tara is currently finalizing her first book and is excited about its release.

She is married to Jon and the mother of three beautiful children.

Waves of a New Age

By: Judy Peace

Waves of a New Age has deep roots, consistently on air since 1988 at

WAIF 88.3 FM. After being a guest on WAIF with Randy Bruner, the two of us were told we were wonderful on the air, and the show host encouraged us to apply for our own show. We left with an application, thought about what had happened, and wondered if we could commit to creating a program every week.

Just off the heels of the Harmonic Convergence (in August 1987), we dreamed about what the show would be like. We had connected with the visionaries, José Argüellés and Jim Berenholtz at different times and felt the energy was moving quickly. Randy started working with José creating his Mayan, Dreamspell calendars. José was a professor at the Union Institute in Cincinnati, OH and would come to Cincinnati from time to time. We were delighted one evening to be part of a small group that shared with José at Kim Cole's Mullane's. José, author of The Mayan Factor, also wrote Surfers of the Zuvoya (1988) after his son, Jason, passed away. The Mayan Factor was complex and detailed, yet he said he had written Surfers of the Zuvoya for his son's friends and others like them so they could understand the new energy we were beginning to experience. José said we were riding a wave of consciousness and we were out on the leading edge, so we could think of ourselves as surfers, Surfers of the Zuvoya. As we thought about this new offer to have a radio show and be a voice for this energy, we remembered that we were surfers riding a new wave of consciousness. Waves of a New Age was conceived.

The application lay around for more than a month, until about a week before November 11, 1987. I knew we had to have it in the mail by then if we planned on applying; 11-11 was my deceased Mother's birthday and her energy was moving me along. Within a couple of weeks, we received a call from Ray Inlay, the WAIF’s station manger at the time. He asked to meet and discuss our intentions for a show. While meeting he shared he had a stack of applications yet ours stood out because I had chosen colored paper. Ray had a two-hour time slot from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesdays available. This was drive time, one of the best times to communicate on a radio show. As everything fell into place, Waves of a New Age was born.

Randy and I did the show together for a couple of years. In 1990 I gave birth to Angelle. Randy went solo for a couple of years. After Angelle turned two, we alternately hosted Waves for many years. Randy was drawn to move to Hawaii's Big Island in 2004. Michael Bigley stepped up to fill in Randy's shoes and enjoyed his time behind the mic. He also called in Tom Shoemaker and Anita Owens to share his shows. After Mike made other plans, Ron Esposito came to WAIF in 2005, sharing his vast knowledge of music and spiritual insight. In 2010 the tides began turning again, I was ready to let go of Waves and Ron desired to direct his energy into his music and recordings. I had been giving service for a long time. WAIF is a non-profit, all volunteer public radio station, one of the very few operating in the country. I called Tara Robinson to release Wave’s advertisement in Whole Living Journal and she said she may be interested in doing the show. I discussed the situation with the station manger, Howard Riley. He agreed the change could be done if I, being the name holder of the show, continued hosting at least once a month. This felt right, because it would keep Waves on air, yet gave me an opportunity to recharge and spend time with my new grandson. Tara L. Robinson joined Waves in 2010 bringing renewed enthusiasm and a wonderful connection with speakers, authors and visionaries from her journey with Whole Living Journal.

As of 2012 there have been many cycles, like waves moving in and out.

We are still in the process and listeners are still riding the wave of an ever expanding consciousness. Please join us. Catch Waves of a New Age every Tuesday, 3:00 -5:00 PM and support WAIF 88.3 FM, public radio, “what radio is meant to be!”                                    


Tuesdays, 3:00 - 5:00 PM


WAIF FM / Waves of a New Age

1434 East McMillan Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

studio: 513-961-8900