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            Waves of a New Age

Soul-filled Sounds and Conscious Conversation                                             


Living Backward in Time

Posted on October 23, 2012 at 1:51 PM
Deepak Chopra presents the concept of “living backward in time” through a conversation with Merlin and young Arthur in his book The Way of the Wizard. Merlin explains to Arthur that wizards live backward in time by allowing the future to create the present. Instead of allowing fear and the burden of the past to influence their choices, wizards use their visions of a realized future as a magnetic force to pull them in the right direction. They live backward in time.
I love this idea because life has proven to work this way to me. It is essential for me to have a clear vision of where I want to go in order to recognize the signs and open doors leading the way to that future. Until I began living purposefully, I felt like a victim of circumstance, instead of a co-creator of my life. I wasn’t sure what the future held and, therefore, lived in fear of all the undesirable possibilities. Once I realized my purpose, I began to take notice of synchronicities intended to assist me on the next step in my journey.
This happened in a big way when the doors opened to assuming a leadership role with Whole Living Journal. The entire process was magical, and almost unimaginable, with one important difference, I had imagined it. And since I had imagined it, I was prepared to say “yes” when the opportunity presented itself. I recognized it as belonging to me and a part of my future.
Another piece to my journey recently fell into place in a manner reminiscent of my experience of acquiring WLJ. It too began with a vision of my future. As part of my New Year’s resolutions, one of my goals for WLJ was to offer podcasts through our website. I envisioned the podcasts resembling Oprah’s Soul Series radio program where she has kicked-back, relaxed conversations with guests on various topics relating to spirituality and the search for something more. This seemed like a good next step and I became passionate about it. At first all the doors opened effortlessly and I thought my plan would be off the ground in no time. Then I hit a wall.
I only needed one more piece to complete the project, but that one piece wouldn’t budge. By the beginning of May I was frustrated that this vision I had been holding since January had not yet manifested. I resolved to become more focused in my intention and trusted I would receive an answer to the issue blocking the process if I opened my mind to the possibility of a creative solution. I had a conversation with myself that went something like this, “You never know how these things will work out. Maybe there is a way to overcome this hurdle which you’re not even considering. Stop thinking in such limited terms and expand your ideas of how this can come into being. You can feel it is meant to be and that is all you need to know. The rest will take care of itself.”
Sometimes Spirit is ready to give us more than that for which we are asking.
Within one week of this conversion in my thinking, I received a call I wasn’t expecting and it flipped my plans upside down. Judy Peace explained there was no need to run the ad for Waves of a New Age in the next issue of WLJ because, after 23 years of hosting the radio program on Tuesdays from 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3 FM, she needed to give her attention to her new grandson and said the following week would be the last week of the show. I immediately recognized this as a potential creative solution and asked if there was any way Whole Living Journal could help with hosting the show. The doors opened like magic from there.
The next thing I knew I was behind the mic and Judy was my guest on my first day as host of Waves of a New Age. If I needed any confirmation that I was headed the right direction, I certainly received it that day. As part of our on-air conversation, Judy was telling the story of how the show began and explained that she had felt it was important to submit the application for the show on her mother’s birthday, November 11, 1987. That would make the date 11-11 and it seemed significant, as if she would have her mother’s blessing and that her mother would watch over the show in spirit.
I sat across from Judy with my mouth hanging open in complete astonishment as I listened to a story which was synchronistic beyond words. As she finished talking I told her and the listeners that what she had just said was amazing because I had submitted the legal paperwork to incorporate my business, Life Dynamics, LLC, exactly 20 years later to the day on 11-11-2007.
It was as if this plan had been in motion for 23 years and we were just learning together the details in the next chapter of a story written long ago.
I feel enthusiastic about this next part of my journey and I feel excited about the new ways this opportunity will allow WLJ to connect the community. Now with a multi-media platform, WLJ can bring the wonderful gifts of each issue to radio as well as print.
Please be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 3-5pm on WAIF 88.3FM to listen to soul-filled sounds and conscious conversation on Waves of a New Age. We welcome listeners to join the conversation by calling the studio during the show at 513-961-8900.
In light and love,

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