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            Waves of a New Age

Soul-filled Sounds and Conscious Conversation                                             


The Sound of Music

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 2:31 PM
Music moves me. These vibrations of sound, moving at different speeds and harmonics, can make me feel like dancing, give me chills, bring me to tears or relax me into a meditative state. I even used music to give natural child birth. Jonathan Goldman’s “Dolphin Dreams” was the perfect piece to bring the calm needed for both my child and myself. Music, being sounds waves, moves the energy in and around me. Through music, my own vibration is transformed.
Many have heard of the experiments done in 1973 by a woman named Dorothy Retallack, who played different styles of music to plants contained in chambers. She found that music made an astonishing difference for the plants, even though all of the other conditions were the same. The plants in the chambers with soothing pieces flourished, while those exposed to edgy, harsh sounds died. She published a book on the subject called The Sound of Music and Plants. Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, also wrote that water crystals form different shapes, depending on what music was played. Music played with bright, clear, soothing tones formed more beautiful, elegant, unified crystals than the water crystals exposed to violent, heavy metal music, which ended up with fragmented and malformed shapes. This may lead us to the question, how could this happen?
Everything in life has a vibrational frequency of energy. We, as well as everything around us, are vibrating to some rhythmic degree. We are connected to everything through this symphony of harmonics. We can become aware of our own personal vibration and how to maintain our frequency. We can do this by first “tuning in” to the body and acknowledging its transmission. In this space we can observe our feelings. These can be anxiety in the pits of our stomachs, lumps in our throats, or the joyous energy that gives us fuel. Once these transmissions are acknowledged, they can either be transformed or nurtured depending on the state of our feelings. When we become conscious of our bodies’ “feeling messages,” instead of our “mental messages,” we then have a tool for connecting to these vibrational frequencies. We learn to move toward the energies that fuel us rather than deplete us. Our bodies are healthier when vibrating at higher frequencies, as the above authors have explored with the plants and water. We are now in a position to choose the vibrations of energy that bring us balanced states of harmony for wholeness. Choosing, with these ideas in mind, what we put in our homes, bodies, hearts and minds will keep us in higher vibrations where our connections to Divine Wisdom are more readily available. The difference between living in everyday life and living in magic comes from our abilities to connect with the source. When we use and understand the vibrations of our feelings to guide us, we have inner compasses that point us toward wholeness. Music provides sound vibrations with different harmonic frequencies. Listening to pleasant, soulful music can center and align us and like plants and water crystals give us opportunities to grow in health and well-being.
One of my desires, as a host on Waves, is to offer music that brings our bodies, hearts, and minds into alignment with our source. I am very interested in your suggestions and would love to know your favorite soul-filled sounds. Tune in to Waves of the New Age / WAIF 88.3 FM as I share my favorite musical selections to help you tune down and tune up. Check out the Program Guide on our website for playlists and the dates of my shows.
“Music in the Soul can be heard by the universe.”
 Lao Tzu

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